General Information and FAQS

BBQ-1 is the perfect food to accompany your event.

Sam’s BBQ-1 can help you with all of your catering needs. We have helped create memorable events for AT&T, Coca Cola Enterprises, Turner Broadcasting, Chick Fil-A, The Home Depot, USO, US Senate, and many other companies, schools, sports teams, weddings and other family events. Since we opened our doors in 2004, tens of thousands of people have found it convenient to come to BBQ-1 to take out large quantities of barbecue for their events.

We specialize in presentation of Whole Hogs that will be the highlight of your event. Make sure to call our restaurant to learn more about having a Whole Hog at your next event.

If you wish to have an event catered, please call either of the restaurants and ask for a manager or Sam and we will be happy to discuss your event and your specific needs. We will show you our menu options as well as special dishes that are not on our regular menu. For example, we cater a large number of weddings and we are able to customize a menu to meet just about any level of complexity you wish. If you wish, you can always make an appointment to come in and sample any of our menu items while we personally discuss meeting your particular needs.