Pork U FAQ  & Information ?

Sam invites you to impress your friends and family with a superior level of barbecue cookinq with a full day of learning how to BBQ taught by Sam himself!

Ever since Pork U was featured in Garden and Gun Magazine a few years ago there has been an unprecedented demand for the limited number of seats that we are able to offer. We are gratified and astounded that people have come from all over the country and from as far away as Canada and Hawaii to attend this class. We are only able to accommodate 20 people per class and because of that, as well as the high demand, we find we must implement the following procedures. Please read this material carefully so that you can plan accordingly.

  1. We will post the schedule for the year in January or February of each year on this web site. We can take only 20 people. We must have a mandatory minimum of eight people to hold a class. If we end up with fewer than that, (and this has never happened), we reserve the right to cancel the class, refund the payment, or reschedule to a later date if possible.
  2. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Make SURE you can attend on the date you choose.
  3. There will no longer be a waiting list. Please do not write to us and ask to be put on one. Instead, we have created a new page, under the Pork U drop-down menu, entitled “Seats For Sale”. If you have an unavoidable conflict and need to sell your seat, you will be able to leave your contact information on this page. If you want a seat and could not get one, likewise, you can leave your information under “Seats Wanted”. That way, everyone can work out their own arrangements and payments. All I need to know is the name, email, and telephone number of the person who is coming to the class.
  4. When you make your payment through Pay Pal, you should receive a verification of payment from them. You will not receive anything from us until about a week before the class when you will receive an email with the directions to the class location. Every year, late in the summer, people forget they bought a seat in March. That never ends well.
  5. We will open the web page for registration and payments at noon on March 1st, first come-first served.
  6. Last year, every seat sold out in 30 minutes.
  7. We do not offer gift certificates. It makes scheduling impossible.
  8. Every attendee will receive a Pork U hat, apron, resource booklet and all the food you can eat and cook all day. We start at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 6:30-7:00 p.m. after dinner, which is usually the 5th meal of the day.

Thank you for your interest in Pork U. We looking forward to enjoying time with you around the fire.


Sam Huff

Owner, Sam’s BBQ-1

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