General Information and FAQS

BBQ-1 is the perfect food to accompany your event.

Catering Information

Sam’s BBQ-1 offers you three levels of catering service:

  1. PICK-UP:   You come to the restaurant and pick up the food which you previously ordered. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours advance notice for any orders of more than 1 pounds of meat. For very large orders, give us more notice.
  2. DELIVERY:   We will deliver to you within the parameters listed below.
  3. FULL SERVICE:   We will send a full staff to your location, set up, serve and clean up the service area. Leave all the work to us.


Consider these factors:

  • Cost:   Pick-up is least expensive, delivery incurs an additional fee, and full service is obviously higher.
  • Convenience:   For events of 50 people or less, approximately, it is more cost effective for you to come pick up your order at BBQ-1. You will generally be able to keep these smaller quantities of food hot on your own.

For larger events, determine whether you can hold the product at food-safe temperatures. Hot food needs to be held above 140 degrees F. or higher and cold food needs to be held at 40 degrees F. or lower. Ask whether you have enough help to serve all the food. Do you have large quantities of ice or the equipment to serve many gallons of beverages? Be aware of the fact that, if you allow self service, the guests with large appetites may pile on heavy quantities and you may run out of food at the end of the line. With full service, our staff controls the portions. Some people would rather relax and enjoy their event and they wish for us to fully cater even small groups. It is entirely up to you.

We now have a portable hog smoker that allows us to bring a hog to your event where it will be presented hot and smoking, to your guests. This one is a show-stopper, folks. It makes an outstanding presentation.

Delivery:   We are a relatively small, independently owned company. We simply do not have the manpower to offer delivery of every order. Therefore, we have established the following reqirements for deliveries:

Minimum $500.00 order.

Delivery Fees:
Within 5 miles of BBQ-1:   10% of total cost.
5-10 miles of BBQ-1:           15% of total cost.


We can supply anything you need but it is less expensive if you rent it yourself. If you need us to arrange tents, tables, chairs, linens, fine china, silverware, glassware, decorations and the like, we will use a rental company and charge you a 20% surcharge for taking responsibility for and supervising delivery and set-up of the rental items.

BBQ-1 uses black, heavy-duty 3-compartment plates for catering. Solid and functional but not pretty. We use heavy duty plastic utensils. If you want a higher quality product, we suggest you buy it at a party supply store or rent china. We charge $.75 per person for all the paper goods, plates, cups, napkins and utensils.


Q: Is there a minimum number of guests we require in order to provide full service, on-site catering?
A: Yes. One. But the catering fee will far exceed what you want to pay. Seriously, we can customize our services to meet your individual needs. We are known for our higher quality, home cooked and slow smoked barbecue. We will not put out average, mass produced, cheap, out-of-the-can food in order to cut down costs.

Q: Can you bring grills or smokers to my location for on-site cooking?
A: Yes, but be aware that this equipment is big, bulky, and sometimes difficult to get on site and set up. Remember, cooking barbecue is a slow process. This usually involves setting up the equipment a day before the event, staying up all night cooking, and taking the trailers out the day after the event when they have cooled down. You will need to contact Sam personally for quotes on pricing of this service.

Q: Can you accomodate special dietary requests or prepare special dishes not on your menu?
A: Yes, usually. You need to discuss these requests with our managers or Sam. We are not big on vegan, but we can do vegetarian dishes and we have served many non-Kosher bar mitzvah’s by eliminating pork from the menu.

Q: How much food do I need to order for my event if I want to pick it up or have you deliver?
A: Please see our Guidelines for Ordering Larger Quantities located on the web site under the Catering tab.

Thank you for considering Sam’s BBQ-1 for all of your catering needs.

Sam Huff,

Owner, Sam’s BBQ-1