Call BBQ-1 For All Your Catering needs

We offer a wide selection of our award winning BBQ for all of your special events and catering needs; including graduation, weddings, church events, summer picnics, and many more events.

We ask for a 24 hour advance notice but if it is less please give us a call and we will see if we can accommodate.

SAMS BBQ-1 Feeds the US Senate

Our BBQ  has even made it to Washington, DC to feed the US Senate

Whole Hog

Have you considered showcasing a Whole Hog at your next event?

If so please contact us and we can provide you with pricing and options.

Quantity ordering guidelines

We offer the following guidelines to help you decide how much of an item may satisfy your needs. These are guidelines only. Only you can decide what quantity you choose to serve your guests. Appetites vary. Portions vary. BBQ-1 employees cannot tell you how much barbecue you need. You must tell us how much you want. All we can tell you is that we apply the following general rules when determining quantities for catering orders. THESE GUIDELINES MAY OR MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. That is solely up to you.

  1. One pound of meat. 16 ounces. Yields four 4 oz. sandwiches or three 5+ oz. plates. You must decide the portion size to determine the quantity needed.
  2. Baby Back Ribs- Each slab contains 13-14 ribs. It is up to you to decide how many ribs you want to give each guest. We put 4 ribs on a lunch plate and a half slab, ( 6-7 ribs), on a dinner plate.
  3. A Quart. 32 ounces. Do the math. That is a little over five 6 0z. servings. That is eight 4 oz. servings, which, we believe, is a reasonable serving. Or sixteen 2 oz. servings. And so on.
  4. A Pint. You guessed it. 16 ounces. Half as much as a quart. See No. 3, above.
  5. Individual Portion. These come in 6 oz. cups.
    ( A )   7” diameter round pan. A little more than a quart. We find that people eat A LOT of mac ‘n cheese. You may get 5-7 average servings. You may want more. Or less. Tell us whether you wish to order it hot or cold. It comes in pints and 6 oz. individual servings as well.
    ( B )   Half Pan. This is a 10.5” x 12.5” disposable aluminum pan. It can serve 15 – 20 people depending upon the serving size you choose.


Please give us at least 1 hour notice when ordering hot pans of Mac ‘N Cheese

If you have 30-40 minutes to put it in a 350 degree oven, order it cold. It comes out hot and bubbly that way. That’s best.

If you do not have time, order it hot.